Shipping varies from location to location and order type. As our items are made to order, you can expect your order to be produced within a week and shipped out immediately after. Once shipped, we will send you an email with tracking information and an estimated time of arrival.

As we are a new company, we currently have no return policy. We appologizes for this inconvienience and hope to remedy this policy in the near future, but for now it's not possible for us to handle returns.

Included in the price of each item sold, we include a donation to trusted and legitimate carbon offset programs. These trusted and verified programs do a variety of things from planting trees, protecting forests from being cut down, developing new ways to capture carbon, and helping fund green alternatives instead of traditional or cheaper methods. Yucca is currently investing in Pachama as they have a variety of interesting projects that could really use the support. In the near future we will be giving donations to other organizations, so as to better diversify our investments and to ensure that only honest and legitimate organizations and their projects receive funding.

RPET stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate, it is PET plastic that has been recycled, reprocessed, and made into something new. PET or Plastic Number 1 is one of the most prevalent plastics in our lives. Common examples of PET range from food and beverage bottles and other packaging to carpets, ropes, stuffing for pillows, and of course, polyester for clothing.

the action or process of compensating for carbon dioxide emissions arising from industrial or other human activity, by participating in programs designed to make equivalent reductions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. At YUCCA we strive to be the most eco-friendly company we can be. We make sure that the companies we deal with for our carbon offsets are legitimate, trusted, and verified by a third party. Currently we are giving funds to Pachama.

Greenwashing is the exaggeration of a company's environmental credentials or contributions made to environment. That is, marketing communications that are meant to impress business operations to be better for the environment than they are in reality. We at YUCCA feel that this is dishonest, and in some cases actually hurts the environment, as it takes funds and attention away from areas and causes that desperately need them.

Vote. While it's important that we all individually do what we can to live a healthy and green lifestyle, by recycling, reducing our carbon footprint, and supporting businesses with those same goals in mind. It's also important to realize that the largest polluters and CO2 emitters, by far, are large businesses, manufacturers, and government entities. This is why it's so important to support and vote for legislation that forces these larger entities to be greener, recycle, and reduce their carbon footprint.